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Hi I'm here today cause I'm looking for a roleplay partner hell maybe Even more for a group chat. I'm up for any roleplays like incest loli hardcore rape inflammation farts etc. I'm taking in and male and female that I see fit to no limits. I honestly have no limits so I'm down for everything. You want vore? You got it I'm flexible I am male but I can play as female. Also I want a longterm roleplay I don't want any one liners I want 3 lines to a paragraph or two. Also I want to stick with the story so if we have a plot and a story line we keep it on. I don't want sex every 75 thousand hours I want it a little mood of it then move on in life. If we are playing a life roleplay you better be good I don't want one liners in ever post. I can do mxm mxf fxf also my favorite fetishes are tentical rape um incest. Normal rape. Becoming a slave turning to a slut abuse impregnating girls and loli girls and having skunks and milf skunks. Also I accept futa and herm so no problem with that also i dont bore me if it gets boring then ill literally tell you that you bore me. If you're new to roleplaying it'll be cool to help you get the basics of it. I'm into adventure action romance and fantasy. We can do a highschool roleplay if you want to I'm down for it. And don't worry I don't do dirty only I can do clean to I find it better anyway since its longer and funer welp see ya

Kik xian305
Cross-post of "It's not all bad..." from BRPS

Call me crazy, but even after the one brutally bad experience I had with a DRoP board I still don't have many misgivings about it.

Sure, I have always been very careful about the sites I join by sort of haunting a place for a week and getting a feel for the place as an observer. I'll be honest in saying that I commit myself to one site at a time, particularly when it is active with a good bunch of people, because I spread myself out enough with multiple characters and I don't need to be doing that with sites. I will even say it out loud that I prefer 'canon' sites. If I might also mention here that my opinion of a 'canon' site are those with the main five colors that follow the general storyline or themes from the Anne McCaffrey books (not bashing Todd, but I don't think he has the same mindset as a writer). I'm a long-term player. There are still people I play with from the time I started RP'ing a little over ten years ago! Keep in mind, though, that we had our times where I went one way and they went another, yet we still found each other again on the same site that we both stumbled into and fell in love with. I have had good experiences on small sites that lasted a few months and those that lasted years (canon and non-canon, even with my preference for canon), and for all my time playing DRoP I have had only one horrid experience.

I feel like that says a lot for the good groups that exist out there. I know the bad ones are much more flashy, vastly more numerous, and they get a lot of the attention on here, but sometimes I think it's worth noting that DRoP is not all bad. There are some places that really do work for the players. I just wanted to put a little positive note out there that despite the suck that exists and how much I could very well gripe about idiot people who don't read site info and manipulative bullies who cry foul at the drop of a hat, let's save that for another day.

X-Project - 10 Years And Going Strong

On May 5, 2003, an X-Men movieverse RPG kicked off on Livejournal. Ten years later, we're still going strong, thanks to our players and our fans.

Thank you, everyone who has contributed to making XP such long-lived awesome. :)

A big thank you!

Five years ago I had a whim to create two games for the next generation of heroes, one for Marvel and one for DC. Five years later those two games are still going strong and are perhaps some of the most successful next generation games, if not the most successful games, out there. They're still going strong because of all the wonderful players in those games.

I would just like to give a huge thank you to all my wonderful players. Here's to many more memories yet to come.

You all rock!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my players at Marvel Next Gen. We just finished a major plot and all of you were great!

This game has been going since 2008 when I started it here on LJ and have since moved to Scribbld and we are still doing major plots that last for a few months. This plot started in October of 2012 and we almost destroyed the world. You guys are a great bunch of players and it's no wonder we have one of the longest and most active next generation games out there!

Keep up the great work!
Out of all the drinking games one can play IC, I think Never Have I Ever is one of the more fun ones.

For rp_shadesofgray

Yes, this is for the entire cast.

You guys are awesome, and I love having you in the game. Heroes is a fading fandom, but thanks to RPers like you, rp_shadesofgray, has been going on for 3 years. We've added more and more crossover characters and fandoms, and you guys all take it in stride. I appreciate your willingness to work together to tell fun stories, and I very much appreciate that you don't need the mods to hold your hand at every step. Believe me, we appreciate it, because that means that we can play too. I think that's the best part about our game, the fact that even for me, it's still a game and not a job.

This is for you!

Thanks for being the best of the best of the best!
asdfghjkl so I have this new character, Baby, an anthropomorphic car, and I wasn't having too much luck at getting anyone to play against him until two amazing roleplayers came along. <3

Rhys and Rebecca, you are amazing and I love you so much for giving Baby a chance! Have not had as much fun in threads as I have with you in a while. :D Seriously, bravo and I love you!

Finally! =D

We finally had the finalé to the standalone scenario we started a while ago! It'd been taking forever because it was hard to get everyone online at the same time. We finally got to the core of the living city with the doom-fetus, got inside with only minor difficulties (The stairs tried to eat ABRAHAM LINCOLN's foot, Ghost was having a panic attack the whole time because of her phobia of all things sufficiently supernatural, and we had to blow a hole in the door), there was character development including Ghost Host looking forward to something for the first time in his life, and Dragonmorph got possessed by the city and turned on the party (which actually did wonders for Ghost's panic attack, because Dragonmorph can be killed by stabbing, unlike eldritch malevolent genius loci, and she finds problems she can solve with stabbing very comforting). The fight ended up being dramatic enough that we all decided we should fudge things a bit to let Dragonmorph survive the grievous wounds he sustained prior to being freed by the doom-fetus as it overwrote the previous consciousness of the city with its own, just because it'd be a letdown if he died after all that.

Then an automated bus came in to replace the automated bus that got broken down and vanished at the start of the scenario, and the rest was epilogue blurbs history. Dragonmorph got to the monastery he wanted to get to for treatment for the fact he's slowly turning into a dragon, Pickle, Ghost, and Ghost Host went to Six Flags with ABRAHAM LINCOLN, and the former three spent a significant portion of their time there at the pub, doing what they usually do at the end of harrowing survival horror scenarios. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, on the other hand, spent all of his time there. . . well. . . being himself.

Jun. 22nd, 2012

I'll admit... I was scared to death of picking up this muse. Santana's always been a hard character for me, because I wanted to love her, but so many things she did pissed me off beyond belief, and there were points at which I actually despised the character.

But then she really started to shine in canon, reaching out to her friends, and becoming very much the kind of character I could believe in and love, and dear God, did I want to give her the love and respect in muse form that she deserves... I wanted to be able to try my hand at strengthening the way canon portrayed her in episodes like "Michael" via RP.

But taking her and running with her was a scary thought for me, until it was made tremendously easy for me by the wonderful minds behind justbeingaqueen and dapperdevious. Those two not only rock their characters, but also are darlings and immediately came to me with great plot ideas to help Santana's voice come to life in my head...

So to the aforementioned darlings? Thank you both so much for giving me the chance and courage to love on Santana and bring her to life! ♥

X-Project - 9 years old today

A shout out to the players and readers of x_project, our X-Men movieverse RP that's been going since May 5, 2003 and is still going strong. The game would be nothing without the players and it's their/our creativity and enthusiasm that's seen the game last this long. The XP folks are more than a game - we're a community and we take care of each other accordingly.

Happy birthday X-Project and may we continue our awesome. :)
Years ago -- about 19 or so, when I was still in high school -- I picked up Ars Magica, with the idea that I would someday want to run a campaign in the setting. Ars Magica, for those unfamiliar, is a historical fiction RPG, set in the late 12th and early 13th century, focusing on mages. The mages gather in Covenants, which are like mini-feudal systems -- the mages protect mortals, while the mortals serve the mages as guards, servants, farmers, cooks, etc. Covenants have seasons, however, aging from Spring, when they are young and fresh; to Summer when they are a little more experienced; to Autumn, at the height of their magical and political power; to Winter, when they are past their prime and have lost a great deal. If they are lucky, they might survive to renew into a new Spring.

I wanted to do a campaign focusing on a single Covenant through the shifting seasons.

In October, 2009, I started running this campaign with some amazing players. Most players remained throughout. Some came and went as real life opened up and intruded. Some came later and remained throughout.

Tonight, the Covenant of Lakehaven, deep in winter, renewed into Spring. The last of the old characters fell away, making room for a new generation.

I could go on for pages and pages, telling amazing stories about the characters, the themes, the amazing work the players did. Instead, I will say this: in the 22 years that I have been GMing, this is one of my top two campaigns I've ever run, and I have the absolutely amazing players to thank for it. They gave this campaign life -- this campaign I've wanted to run for over half my life.

They deserve praise and thanks for helping me tell a truly amazing story.

You are all great players. Thank you so much. If you were there for three session, or for every single one, you all helped make this amazing. And this amazing story will forever live in our minds.

You rock.

Apr. 8th, 2012

Sierra Anderson (compulsivetwin) I stalk you a little because you're brilliant. I love Sierra, she's great, with so much depth. 

Greetings everyone!

It's been a while, but I'm still alive and kicking. :)

I just went through the community's member list and removed about thirty deleted accounts, just to clean things up a bit. I also wanted to draw your attention to GRPR's mirror comm on Dreamwidth for those of you who play there also: http://good-rpers-rock.dreamwidth.org

That's pretty much it. Drop me a line here if you have any issues, need new game tags, etc.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and to those who don't, have a great Sunday!


For my little brother graylikeme

Whether it's on LJ or Twitter. I see your name pop up, and I smile. I'm so glad we met so very long ago. You're one of the best friends and RP partners that I've ever had. I love plot bunnying with you.


PS - I adore all your other characters too. Even the ones that scare my other muses.
Never before have I uttered "Ah! Right! We were talking to some doctor guy about getting info on the bioprogram in the Janus Pickle's DNA!" in figuring out where we left off last session, let alone have it make perfect sense, and I'm saddened by the fact that I probably won't have the opportunity to do so again. XD

Handing Out The Trek Love

To cadet_amara, nyota_uhura24, and whenworldwasnew. I love rping with you guys. Thanks for puttin' up with me.
I think I've been lucky, there's so many friendly Glee players out there, so, I want to say thank you too you all. 

Here we go... porcelainpride 
slap_the_butt yesimblaine  rory_flanagan   compulsivetwinanatypicalguyblainewandersonitsfabrayworstfirstkiss  

There's so many others, sorry that I missed you, but for some reasons I've not friended you all and couldn't remember the usernames, there's a great Lauren and Tina around too... Thank you all! 

I love you Walter

Every single time I get a reply from walterscience I giggle madly. It doesn't matter which character I'm RPing at the time. I adore your portrayal of him, and I wish everyone had the pleasure of RPing with you, my friend.

So much love for these two.

I kind of floundered for a while, wanting to play Kurt, here, but not really knowing what to do with him. If it weren't for two fabulous, awesome, fantastic (& cracktastic) people, he probably would have reluctantly been put aside almost half a year ago. Instead, he's still around, still going strong (if only in his very limited circle most of the time) and I know it's all thanks to them. (I've also been enabled to pick up characters and plots that I NEVER would have considered otherwise. *coughSantanacough*

The two most important boys in Kurt's life.Collapse )

...okay, that's all. (º//º)

To Sabra La Tau (on Insane Journal)

We're in the middle of the game finale, and I am so excited and sad.

To the teams I've played with: Vulpecula (and Hydra), Canis, Lepus, Monoceros, Ophiuchus, and Corvus (and Lynx). You all have been wonderful to play together with, and I loved exploring different dynamics than we might have ever got in a non-amnesia or non-team game.

To canonmates: Really, I only had two and a half, and that made Sabra wonderful; that it was the anti-canon clique game. But it was wonderful playing out Zel and Rezo ruining their relationship again (gee, thanks, gramps ^_^) and having an Aerich to my Tazendra filled me with amazing levels of sheer glee, became one of my favorite relationships ever. And, as for Lina, who dropped early, she unintentionally gave Zel a motivation that he might not have had.

A special thanks to everyone who scened with Tazendra. I apped her out of a desire to play something new and different and discovered a character that I utterly adored playing. She has probably been the most fun I've had in ages, and thanks for being supportive when she did stupid things... like treating 'teammate's nightmare comes to live' as her own personal FPS.

And for people who scened with Akin, another obscure character I might never have tried to play except knowing he'd get CR by just playing.

To various players of gods: way to develop an awesome pantheon, you all.

To the mods: for both keeping the gears running and putting together an amazing plot.

And, well, to everyone, whoever they played. I'm so excited for this weekend wrapping things up.

Dec. 24th, 2011

Dear houseofcards_rp, you're all dorkfaces and I love you. ♥♦♣♠

No, honestly. The complex CR, the organic plots, the mod-plotted storylines, the crack holy crap the CRACK, the AUs... yeah, I love you.

random expressions of gratitude

To everyone who compliments good work and gives constructive criticism rather than flaming, trolling, or complaining. I think you all rock. Also, people who finish threads! It is incredibly rare. Many thanks!

all the sap in the world

I just wanted to do a shout-out to dr_erskine for taking a needed fandom character, who probably no one else will ever play (which is strange because he is amazing, adorable, and stole the screen when he was on). It is refreshing to see someone play a character who is:
+ Not a supermodel
+ Not the star
+ Not a Broody McBroodypants (this is coming from me, yes, who plays all the Broodies in the world)
+ Is A NICE GUY (OMG!What DO??)

Mostly, I think you totally rock at what you are doing, as a player. I think you have an exceptional feel for his voice, which is kinda funny, because you are insecure about your "driving" but there's clearly no need. More than anything, as a mun, you are incredibly polite, supportive, and understanding, and I wish there were more people like you and Erskine in this community.

/end sap

Dec. 12th, 2011

A massive shout-out full of epic love for the three people I play my original character RP with!! Ro, Carrie and Tak, you make the world better!!! *MAAAAASIVEHUGS* Plus I can come talk to you OOC about anything the hell I want and you always have good advice/stuff to say. We have great laughs and everything's a blast! Not even mentioning the brilliant aphdifhiudsjok amazing RP we have! I have so much fun, and I'm proud to be your 'DM' XD

Separately, a huge bundle of love for my icon family on dA! You guys are THE BEST EVER and I love all of you. Cannot thank Kitty enough for making the group and all the hard work she's put into it! Plus my IC-wife Ninquitari and IC-son Brooke are the nicest people ever, and we have the best discussions in the world!

*breathe* Random flailing over now.